Dr. Amy Kalia

Dr. Amy Kalia from Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
When : February 2015 till June 2015
Dr. Amy Kalia is a fellow researcher at the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT and a Fullbright Scholar. Her research examines the perceptual and neural effects of visual impairment, particularly in the domains of spatial cognition and multisensory perception. The research goal is to inform the development of rehabilitation programs and assistive technologies for people with visual impairment so that they can more easily function in the world. Dr. Amy was here for a semester and also offered a 1-credit course on "Perception Guided Technology Design".

Web Address: http://web.mit.edu/~akalia/www/

Dr. Bob Marek

Dr. Bob Marek from Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
When : 6th October 2014
Dr. Bob Marek, an expert in the area of tactile learning aids for the visually imapired, conducted a day long workshop-cum-demonstration. Dr. Marek hails from Poland and is also involved in a project in Nepal as a special educator and teacher trainer. He has developed some unique tactile kits which would make learning and understanding of new objects very easy for a visually imapired student.

Visitors from Iran

When : 23rd December 2014
A team from Iran visited Assistech Lab on 23rd December to know more about the assistive technologies available for the visually impaired and the type of projects going on in the lab. The team consisted of Mr. Aliasghar Assadi, a visually impaired teacher in Mohebi School For The Blind, Mr. Akbar Adineh, one of the volunteer helpers for the blind in Dezfool, Khoozestan and the manager of Arya-Arsam Cultural institute for the blind in Dezfool, Khoozestan and Mrs. Forouzan Dadvar, English teacher and the other manager of Arya-Arsam Cultural Institute For The Blind in Dezfool, Khoozestan.