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According to the latest statistics, there are around 285 million visually impaired people in the world out of which 20 – 30% belong to India and 3,00,000 of them are children. The unfortunate part is that the literacy rate of the VI in India is just 25%. Education is the key to unlock the door to being independent in life. Thus, arises the need of addressing this problem at the root level. The children with VI have very limited resources in terms of literature - the books that are available in Braille do not give them the similar enjoyment and experience of a visual story book. Also, there is no extensive literature in the field of tactile graphics and the existing ones are not interactive. Our objective is to provide an interesting story book experience for the VI children in order to enhance their fundamental early literary skills and to encourage a love of books among children from the age of 6-9 years.

Proposed Solution

As the TedApp is started the Ted introduces itself to the kid and then it narrates its story via the story book which has a QR Code in which text is stored which is converted into audio. The kid can feel the tactile book and listen to the story simultaneously. There are questions at the end of the book in Braille and corresponding audio answers via the app through a Bluetooth module. At the end there is a talk back feature which imitates whatever the kid says in the Ted’s voice giving him the feeling as if he is talking to the teddy.

smart cane device

Products included in the kit

  • TedStoryBooks comprising the following features :
    • Embossed figures with different depth marking
    • Audio landmarking
    • Daisy backup CD
  • TedApp : An android application that scans the QR Code on each page of the storybook and produces audio output. It also includes the talk back feature and interactive questions/answers.
  • TedBookRest : It is a stand that is attractively shaped as a teddy bear , to place the book in position and the mobile on an adjustable mobile holder.
Design Features

  • Colorful
  • Safe
  • Interactive
  • Robust
  • Could meet the expectation of a VI kid
  • Easy to handle
Team Members

  • Akash
  • Anjali Panwar
  • Tanya
  • Aishwarya
  • Ankita
  • Neil Shah