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The main focus of the summer workshop would be on inclusive innovations – looking at innovations that can impact the lives of those segments of the society who have limited opportunity and remain mainly excluded from mainstream social and economic developments. An example is the “Assistive technology solutions for visually impaired” work that is being carried out under the umbrella of Assistech group of IIT Delhi ( All areas under the broad umbrella of inclusive innovation is open and inputs from the participants and other resource persons would decide specific projects. Name Institute
1 Maruvada Aishwarya NIT Calicut
2 Tanya Kukreja GEU, Dehradun
3 Sneha Singh MNNIT, Allahabad
4 Aanchal Balani IGDTU, Delhi
5 Ankita Gulati IGDTU, Delhi
6 Nishtha Arora IGDTU, Delhi
7 V Sucharitha Amrita School of Engg.
8 Anjali Pawar IGDTUW, Delhi
9 Pratibha Goel IGDTUW, Delhi
10 Zeenat Shareef IGDTUW, Delhi
11 Shantanu Tewari IIT Kanpur
12 Akash Gupta ZHCET, AMU
13 Prasoon Dwivedi IIITD, Delhi
14 Gaurav Varshney ZHCET, AMU
15 K M Karthik JIIT, Noida Name Institute
16 Harish Karunakaran NIT Trichy
17 Akshit Sharma DTU, Delhi
18 Prashant Kumar Singh NIT Warangal
19 Akshay Agarwal MAIT, Delhi
20 Neil Shah ADPIT, Anand
21 Amit Kumar ABES EC, Gaziabad
22 Rachit Srivastava JIIT, Noida
23 Ayush Varshney ZHCET, AMU
24 Abhishek Lodha JIIT, Noida
25 Nalin Yadav NIT Warangal
26 Shabd Preeti Kalra Dayalbagh U
27 Sachiv Paruchuri MBM Jodhpur
28 Mudit Singh MBM Jodhpur
29 Eram Farrooqui Jamia Millia, Delhi
30 Anmol Dalmia NIT Rourkela