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Tactile Graphics Automation Tool
Tactile Diagram are one of the essential methods for education of visually impaired people. What our eyes perceive, their hands are able to recreate the same. But currently we are facing shortage of these diagrams in the education systems. This is mainly due to the tedious task of conversion of diagram and long-time taking procedures. As a technologist, we are committed to find the solution to make this process automated and produces large numbers of the diagram to enhance the education system of our country. We are currently working on Maths and Science Textbooks. Objective is to take all figures / diagrams from the book and convert to tactile diagram. For this, we are currently developing an automated tool that takes scan image as an input and generates a SVG image. Due to scalability, this image is used by the Tactile Diagram generating machine. This tool consists of the following three stages:
1. Text Extraction: Detecting the text portion in image and extracting of English characters. These characters are converted into Braille and placed back in the same area of the image as output.
2. Region / Line or Circle Extraction : Extracting the regions or Lines / Circles to convert into scalable format.
3. Text and Region Placement : Placing the text and regions generated in the final output image Overall, We are working to create a tool to convert the figures into Scalable format either with automated methods present or providing manual methods to do the same.

Nipun Gupta , Abhishek Bansal , Sourabh , Prerit , Ajay
New features in NVDA
OBJECTIVE To add a feature which allows NVDA to generate a list of the spelling errors while working on an MS- Word document.

Aviral Jain
Assistive Bus Portal
OBJECTIVE The web portal has the options to upload and download bus routes and edit them. Currently work on incorporating an additional feature of accessing directions to various nearby places of significance from each bus stop is going on. This data can be made either private or public by the uploader. The private data will have some key or password to protect the data. The data shall also be verified so that only legitimate data exists on the web portal.

Shivani Sen