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Dr. Rohan Paul is a robotics researcher and inventor. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, he obtained a D. Phil. at the Mobile Robotics Group at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar from India. After completing his D. Phil. he returned to IIT Delhi as a Post-doctoral Fellow. Rohan works in the area of developing affordable assistive devices for persons with visual impairment. He is the lead inventor of the SmartCane mobility device, reaching the needy across the country.

Rohan is a founding member of the Assistive Technologies Lab at IIT Delhi that is engaged in developing a range of novel cost-effective technologies for mobility, education and independent livint for the visually challenged. The group also works closely with Governments, welfare organizations and industry to bring these technologies to the end-users. Presently, he is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at CSAIL, MIT.
Rohan Paul
Dr. Rohan Paul
Project Scientist

Contact Details :
E-mail : rohan.paul@iitd.ernet.in
Phn no: +91-9999662926, (011)26581345 (O)