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Piyush is lead Engineer on Smartcane Project. He is hardware design consultant for other ongoing Assistech projects. He firmly believes that need based holistic Assistive Technology solutions with comprehensible user interfaces are required for empowering people with special needs and ensuring their main stream integration; and to make deeper and sustained impact the combined effort of diverse set of stakeholders is required for translating the lab innovations into finished products that will cater their needs

He and his team are involved in Smartcane validation trails where they have trained more than 120 odd visually impaired users from different socio economic backgrounds across the country and collected data to substantiate device effectiveness in meeting their mobility needs.

He is a full time Ph.D. research scholar in School of IT (Computer Science Department), IIT Delhi and is committed to practical applied research in the field of assistive technologies for visually impaired with special focus on their mobility needs. He is a distinguished scholar in the field of Embedded System Design. His skills have been honed by teaching more than half a dozen subjects in the same field and mentoring more than 30 student projects during his 6+ years tenure as Assistant Professor at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering.
Piyush Chanana
Piyush Chanana
Project Associate

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