Launch of SmartCane in Ethiopia
9th October 2015
An Awareness and training workshop on Safe and Independent mobility was organized in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Bahiru Abbas Advertising Ltd. on 9th October 2015. The organizers of the workshop created a lot of awareness about the utilities and benefits of the SmartCane device for the visually impaired community through a radio show on assistive technology aired on dotcom radio. Huge number of visually impaired participants registered for the workshop through this show. A joint team of trainers from IIT Delhi and Saksham participated in the event. More than 200 visually impaired persons participated in the event along with their family members and friends. The participants were educated about the functions, benefits and usefulness of the SmartCane device for their day to day mobility. Basic training was imparted by the trainers to all the participants. In addition, 10 SmartCane devices were donated to the beneficiaries from different backgrounds. This distribution was supported by the donors connected to the dotcom radio show. All the beneficiaries were then trained to use the SmartCane device in real life scenarios. A representative from the Ethiopian Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs affirmed the participants that they would take concrete steps to ensure that SmartCane reaches to all the visually impaired people in Ethiopia in near future.


SmartCane Training & Exhibition during Africa Forum
3rd - 8th October 2015
A joint team from IIT Delhi and Saksham participated in Africa forum held in Uganda from 3rd to 8th October 2015. More than 400 people from 56 countries participated in the event. These included large number of representatives from organizations working for the people with blindness, special educators, advocates, policy makers and persons with visual impairment. SmartCane device was exhibited during the techshare Africa exhibition and there was huge interest to understand the functionality and utility of the device. Large number of participants learnt the device usage and many purchased the device to improve their mobility. More than a dozen organizations from countries like Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan,Ethiopia, South Africa, Morocco, Norway, Canada etc. expressed their desire to introduce this useful technology in their respective country. They highlighted that the utility and affordability of this technology makes it extremely useful for the persons with visual impairment especially in developing countries.
A couple of presentations were also made by the team during this event. The first presentation was on “SmartCane use for safe and independent mobility: enabling access to different environments without the fear of collisions” and the second one was on the use of Qualitative and Quantitative methods for scientific validation of assistive technology like SmartCane. The team also conducted trainers training workshop for the mobility instructors and special educators from different organizations.


At Town of Port Louis, Curepipe and Rose Hill
25th - 26th September 2015
A series of awareness and training workshops on safe independent mobility with SmartCane were organized in Mauritius on 25th and 26th September in collaboration with Distripharm, a company providing assistive technologies in the country. These workshops were attended by around 60 participants, including students with visual impairment, their parents, teachers and orientation and mobility specialists from various organisations across Mauritius. Global Rainbow Foundation, Union des Aveugles de l’Ile Maurice, Lois Lagesse and Distripharm are some of the organisations which participated in these workshops. This event has proven to be an important landmark for empowering visually challenged persons through safe and independent mobility from yet another developing country through access of this affordable travel aid.


Jointly organised by Phoenix Medical Systems, IIT Delhi and Saksham
21st March 2015
On 21 March 2015, the SmartCane was launched at IIT Madras during an event organized by Phoenix Medical Systems Chennai (the manufacturer of this device), in collaboration with IIT Delhi and Saksham Trust. The event was attended by people from various institutions, including faculty and alumni of IIT Madras, members from leading organisations working with visually challenged people in the region and media personnel. The key note address during the event was given by Dr. R V Ramani, Founder and Director of Sankar Eye Care Foundation. As part of this event, SmartCanes were also distributed to 35 visually challenged end users Who were also provided the necessary training for using this device in an effective manner. A training was also conducted for the organisations working for persons with visual impairment who attended the event, including National Association for the Blind (NAB), National Institute for the Visually Handicapped (NIVH), Netrodaya and Karna Vidya.
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Workshop on safe independent mobility and lerning through tactile graphics
3RD February 2015
An awareness cum training workshop on SmartCane and tactile graphics was organized on 3rd of February at St. Stephen’s college during Drishtikone, which is an annual event organized by the college for students with visual impairment. The workshop was attended by visually challenged students from various colleges of Delhi University. Significant contribution to the workshop was also made by student volunteers of St. Stephen’s who assisted in conducting this activity. Efforts are currently being made to provide SmartCanes under our subsidy scheme to those participants who are unable to directly purchase this device.
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Advocating about safe independent mobility through World Blind Union
20th - 24th November 2014
A joint team of IIT Delhi and Saksham participated in the annual conference of World Blind Union (WBU) held at Hong Cong between 20 -24 November 2014. With over 400 people present at the conference, the team engaged with organizations and individuals from various geographical locations to discuss the benefits of SmartCane. the team received an extremely positive response from most of the participants who eagerly await the introduction of this mobility aid in their regions.
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SmartCane Awareness Session in Thailand, Visit to the Christian Foundation for the Blind and the Bangkok School for the Blind
26th - 27th November 2014
The SmartCane team conducted awareness session on Smartcane at the Christian Foundation for the Blind and the Bangkok School for the Blind in Thailand. Over 10 organizations were present in these sessions who expressed interest in introducing this device in their region. Currently 5 Smartcanes have been left with them to receive feedback on the benefits of this device in the local area.
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Distribution and Awareness Function of SmartCane and Plextalk Vachak, 5th August'14
In Association With : XRCVC, Mumbai
In the gracious presence of the Chief Guest, Ms. Vidya Balan (Acclaimed actress, and alumnus of St Xavier’s College, Mumbai), XRCVC, Mumbai in association with the Saksham Trust and IIT Delhi, supported by NIVH, organized a one day Distribution and Awareness Function of SmartCane and Plextalk Vachak.
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SmartCane goes International - Visit to the Hong Kong Blind Union, Hong Kong
3rd - 4th June 2014, Hong Kong
A discussion was held at the Hong Kong Blind Union to explore the possibilites of access to SmartCane Device in Hong Kong. A training session was also conducted where 2 trainers were trained on Safe & Independent Mobility with SmartCane.
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Jalandhar, 27-28th January'14
In Association With : Drishti (Saksham Punjab)
Smartcane Team visited Drishti (Saksham Punjab), Jalandhar on 27th and 28th February and collected SmartCane feedback from 20 previously enrolled and trained SmartCane users. It was really encouraging for the team to observe these users navigating around on their own with the SmartCane device without any need of further training. Team also identified and trained two in house trainers. In the near future, these trainers would conduct SmartCane training workshops for Mobility instructors as well as users in and around Punjab region.
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Chennai, 07-08th January'14
In Association With : NIVH Chennai
Smart cane device training workshop was organized with the mobility instructors and the visually impaired trainees at NIVH Chennai. The workshop was conducted by Supriya Das from Saksham Trust with the assistance of two scholars Ankit and Pulkit from IIT Delhi.
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Coimbatore, 06 January'14
In Association With : Avinashalingam University for Women, Coimbatore
A workshop was conducted by Supriya Das form Saksham Trust on Assistive Technologies for the visually impaired in Avinashalingam University for Women. The prime discussion was on the electronic mobility aid Smart cane and knowledge sharing of tactile graphics. The workshop was attended by nearly 50 candidates which included faculty members from the department of special education, visually impaired students, research scholars and parents of the visually impaired.
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Ahmedabad, September'13
In Association With : Blind People's Association (BPA)
The Smart Cane Trials at Ahmedabad were conducted in associattion with BPA. We have enrolled 11 users so far. The trial took off in September and are still going on. The study is conducted over a period of 2-3 months where users are enrolled with their consent and are briefed about the study. A training is conducted for about 1-2 days. After a usage period of about 6-8 weeks the users are interviewed and a detailed feedback is collected on the device and their use.
Dehradun, Aug'13 - October'13
In Association With : National Institute for Visually Handicapt (NIVH)
The field trials at Dehradun were conducted in August - October in association with NIVH. There are at present 21 users actively using their smart cane.
Mumbai, Aug'13 - October'13
In Association With : Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC), St Xavier’s College (XRCVC)
The Smart Cane trials at Mumbai, St. Xavier's College were conducted in August - October in association with XRCVC. We have enrolled 15 users there.
New Delhi, May'13 - Aug'13
In Association With : National Association for the Blind (NAB), Saksham Trust, Centre for Blind Women (CBW), Delhi University, JNU and some Independent Users
The Smart Cane trials at Mumbai, St. Xavier's College were conducted in August - October in association with XRCVC. We have enrolled 15 users there.


Chitrakoot, March'2012
In Association With : Jagatguru RamBhadracharya Handicapt University
The trial was conducted at a rural site in Chitrakoot. There we have enrolled 6 users
New Delhi, Aug-sept'2012
In Association With : Pilot Study
This was basically a pilot study on a group of 6 Elderly people.


New Delhi, Feb'2012
In Association With : DU, NAB, CWB
The trial was conducted with 15 users at different places in Delhi.


New Delhi, June - July'2011
In Association With : National Association for the Blind (NAB), Saksham Trust, Centre for Blind Women (CBW), Delhi University and some Independent Users
Smart cane trials and enrolled 6-8 users.
Chennai, August'2011
In Association With : NIVH
Smart Cane trials on 6-8 users in Chennai in association with NIVH
Dehradun, September'2011
In Association With : NIVH
Smart Cane trials with 6 users in Dehradun in association with NIVH
Shimla, October'2011
In Association With : Boys and Girls Blind School
Smart Cane trials with 6 users at a Blind School in Shimla.
Ahmedabad, October'2011
In Association With : Blind People's Association (BPA)
We have enrolled 6 users there.