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Neil Shah

Integration of technology for the betterment of the society, is what every engineer should work upon. Taking this into consideration, Neil shah believes that his knowledge is worth only when he would be given a chance to implement his ideas, and contribute in bringing improvement, so that lives of special people are touched. Here at Assistech lab, Neil contributes in miniaturization of the bus module, which not only improves the efficiency of the system but also minimizes the convolution. He is involved in developing an amplifier system, which reduces the complexity, brings all the electronics in a single chip, and at the same time also enhances the sound clarity and loudness. He is also working in developing a better design for the user module, with altogether a different chip, so that a user would find himself comfortable in carrying the device. He is also involved in development and maintenance support for devices on field trials apart from conducting user trials.

Neil is from Gujarat and completed his bachelors in the field of Electronics and Communication from A.D.I.T, New vallabh Vidyanagar in 2014. His field of interest lies in wireless sensor networking and embedded systems, and made an important contribution in establishing a wireless connectivity through Zigbee technology, covering the entire college premises. Apart from technological aspect, he was also a volunteer for eradicating social challenges that today's generation faces, working to help people by advocating better lifestyle habits. His basic interest lies in working with technology, which brings at least a minor change in the lives of the people. His recreational activities includes writing philosophical poems, and reading scientific books.
Neil Shah
Neil Shah
Sr. Project Assistant

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