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To assist a person with hearing impairment in case of any approaching object or a person at public places using haptic feedback.

There are around three sixty million people with hearing impairment in the world. The solution present is only a hearing aid which is used by 10% of the hearing impaired community. But the present day hearing aids do not cover feeble sounds. Persons with hearing impairment have limited safety on roads and public places and especially when they are alone. They are generally not able to hear and react to sounds from behind or from area not in the direct view-field.

Proposed Solution

A wearable device that will sense the surrounding sounds and will be able to decide when to alert the user to those sounds which might need his attention like the sounds such as honking horns, way-finding in crowded places, paying heed to the person calling from behind etc. This device will adjust the threshold value according to the surrounding areas and will give an alert in the form of vibration to the user according to the source’s direction. The alert will help user pay attention to the sounds of concern and be safe even if he is alone.



  • Adapt to the surrounding noise level and correspondingly change the threshold level.
  • Detect the direction of the sound source.
  • Haptic feedback of different levels to indicate the direction of sound source.
  • Detect the three different kinds of sound source like an approaching danger, or a person calling.

Team Members

  • Aanchal Balani
  • Nishtha Arora
  • Eram Farooqui
  • Mudit Singh
  • Prashant Singh
  • , Sachiv Paruchuri