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Saksham Trust
The Saksham Charitable trust has been established with the sole purpose to empower the persons belonging to the marginalized section of the society believing that the empowerment of the persons and availability of opportunities for such empowerment is the best help that we can provide. Saksham trust was established in the year 2003 to undertake activities for empowerment of persons with disability.
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Centre for Blind Women
The vision of the committee is to provide rehabilitation, training, education, guidance and dignity in the lives of thousands of visually impaired girls and women, thereby empowering them to come out of the dark corners of their double disability.
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National Association for Blind, New Delhi and Mumbai
Established in 1977, the National Association for the Blind (Karnataka) is a private not-for-profit organization that provides services and solutions to individuals without regard to social status, race, religion, gender or age. NAB is overseen by a Governing Council and Managing Committee , many of whom are ex-students who have been absorbed into the training stream.
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National Association for Blind, Karnataka
The missiom is to prevent blindness as far as is possible and to empower the blind with education and training, to attain self-sufficiency through employment/self-employment, thus integrating them with dignity in mainstream society.
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Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC)
XRCVC is a state of the art support centre, aiming to work towards the holistic development of visually challenged persons, located at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The Project X-Sight works towards equipping the visually challenged persons with the required skill sets and the right attitudes to meet the challenges of life. The social advocacy programme Project Access continuously seeks to expand the ‘access’ and reach of visually challenged persons in their day-to-day living by challenging the myths and barriers that get put in their path.
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All India Confederation Of The Blind
All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) is a body of blind persons working for and with its blind brothers and sisters. It is made up of grass-roots and State-level Associations/Organizations working with the blind. It has 22 affiliates across the country. The Confederation has now completed 30 years of its existence. As we look back,we derive some satisfaction from the fact that we have traversed quite a long distance--from a small rented office to its own premises housing a variety of services; from just one part-time employee to the present number of over 100 staff members; from a meager fund of just a few hundred rupees to the present budget of over 25 million rupees; from hardly any activity to over 20 projects and services.
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Blind Relief Association, Delhi
The Association is constantly striving to ensure that persons with physical disability, especially the blind, are not marginalized due to physical impairment, and are rightfully integrated into the mainstream community as equal and useful members of society.
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Blind People's Association, Ahmedabad
Blind People's Association is a professional organization which believes in providing equal opportunities to all categories of people with disabilities. Consistent with the philosophy, it works for providing education, employment opportunities, equal rights and quality life for them. BPA, understands that gainful employment plays an essential part in the life of a person because it gives him status and binds him to the society. Acceptance of disabled persons at work can be viewed as society's acceptance of these Persons without discrimination. However, many people with disabilities are still unable to obtain gainful occupation and are dependent on others. Our Employment and Placement services is a step towards providing employment as well as self-employment opportunities for people with disability, so that they can be financially independent and self sufficient.
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Navjeevan Blind Relief Centre
Headed by K Sridhar Acharya, Founder and president, the organization is supported by people from all walks of life including reputed doctors, scientists, industrialists, hoteliers, politicians, Military Personnel who have joined hands for the betterment of the humankind in India by Utilising their resources. We thank all the board members who apart from their daily hectic life either as housewives or civil servants work pro bono.
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Score Foundation
Score Foundation is a not-for-profit organization located in New Delhi, India. Established over 10 years ago, we work towards disseminating information on living life with blindness, through our project Eyeway, in an effort to minimize this discrimination and help empower the visually impaired community of India, for them to become contributing members of society.
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National Institute for the Visually Handicapped (NIVH)
The National Institute for the Visually Handicapped is a premier Institute in the field of visual disability working under the administrative control of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. The Institute is committed to promote rights and dignity of persons with visual impairments. In order to achieve this laudable objective, the Institute produces trained manpower for providing quality education, vocational training and rehabilitation services to the visually impaired persons. It also undertakes research and developmental activities ensuring emergence of disability inclusive policies, programmes and practices.
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