"Serving individuals with special needs through research and innovation in affordable assistive technologies"
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ASSISTECH - OUR APPROACH: To touch a million lives using assistive technology
Research & Development : Ideation, Research and Development of affordable assistive devices and technologies
for independent mobility, education and independent living of visually impaired 
through a confluence of embedded systems, mechanical and industry design.
Translational Research : Bridging the gap between lab prototypes and products with end users through 
collaborative translational research and field testing with industry partners and
user organisations.
User Engagement : Direct involvement of user group for ideation, prototyping and testing.
A holistic user centric design and cocreation model encompassing
technicl, societal and usability aspects of devices
Awareness and diffusion : Public Sensitization towards the accessibility needs of persons with special needs. 
Raising awareness about assistive technlogy solutions in th user community. Aiding
training and dissemination efforts to reach needy persons.