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To assist visually impaired people in door –opening and identifying person at the door.

People with Visual Impairment who live in apartments or independent housing face the problem of security since they are not able to identify who is at the door. People without any such impairment can use already existing solutions such as the magic eye, video surveillance or simple door with a mesh. Such solutions help the unimpaired person identify his visitor prior to opening the door. We intend to create a solution which shall try to bridge this gap of home security between visually impaired people and the others.

Proposed Solution

The proposed system shall employ the technique of face recognition to identify known visitors, after which the user shall be informed of the visitor’s identity. The system also includes a mechanism to allow the user to remotely control his door.


The visitors shall have to go through a registration process so that their facial information can be stored in the database, to then ultimately grant a type of authorization

There will be two types of authorization:
  • AUTOMATIC – the user can grant complete access to a visitor in order to facilitate his entry without the user involvement. Eg. This kind of authorization can be granted to the spouse of the user whom he/she may trust implicitly.
  • USER-CONTROLLED – the user can grant this kind of authorization where the visitor has only been identified, but doesn’t have automatic access. Here the user shall open the door according to his discretion.
  • UNKNOWN PERSON – For those who have not been identified by the system, they can talk to the user via intercom like feature and identify themselves.

System Work Flow
The system shall come into action when the visitor presses the doorbell. The face recognition module mounted on the door then shall scan the visitor’s face and try to match with its existing database. If the visitor is known to the database then the user shall be informed of the visitor’s arrival. The visitor shall have 2 kinds of authorization.
  • Complete access
  • User controlled access
Team Members
  • Karthik KM
  • Rachit Srivastava
  • Pratibha Goel
  • Nalin Yadav
  • Harish K
  • Abhishek Lodha