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"Serving individuals with special needs through research and innovation in affordable assistive technologies"

ASSISTECH is an inter-disciplinary group of faculty, research staff and students from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, which is engaged in using modern technology for finding affordable solutions for the differently abled in country. The focus of the group is on mobility and education which we consider are fundamental to enable any person to live independently and with dignity.


First field trials of Refreshable Braille Display

A field trial of Refreshable Braille Display being developed by the assistive technologies group was held between 10th- 13th May 2016. This study was undertaken at National Institute for the Visually Handicapped Dehradun, which is the nodal agency for the persons with visual impairment in the country. This study is first amongst the various trials which will be carried out across different sights of the country to collect feedback on existing features and functionalities of the device prototype. The study was done with 11 respondents who included the teachers, senior school students, as well as the students pursuing vocational training courses in the organisation. As part of this study, the participants were first given a comprehensive training of working with the device, after which they were provided an experience of using it in various modes, including using it as a standalone reading and writing device, and using it for working with computer and smart phone with the help of different exercises. The team received a highly positive response from the participants, and many felt that it will enhance their ability to take notes, teach and learn spellings and type with mobile phone.


On 23rd April 2016, Assistech conducted the 5th Awareness Workshop as a part of IIT Delhi Open House 2016. Avlokan aims as sensitizing the mainstream society about the needs, challenges and strengths of the visually impaired and also about various modern and affordable assistive technologies being developed by Assistech Lab. The event was attended by a very wide range of people including school children, special educators, research institutions among others. Refreshable Braille Display, Tactile Graphics, SmartCane, Braille Tutor, TedKit were some of the projects which were showcased


Design Projects for this semester

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OnBoard receives recognition from Department of Science and Technology 3rd January 2016 at University of Mysore, Mysuru.

Prof. M. Balakrishnan, and Prof. PVM Rao have been honoured with the "National Award to Scientist(s) working on Improving Accessibility for the Disabled" by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India for their work on the "Public bus accessibility for the visually impaired". The award was given away by the Hon’ble Prime Minister during the inaugural session of Indian Science Congress 2016 on 03rd January 2016 at University of Mysore, Mysuru.

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